Transform Your Marriage

Is there a problem that you and your spouse keep fighting about? You could ignore it and decide to live with it. You could fight about it again. Or . . .you could resolve it.

How do you find a solution both you and your spouse can live with? In our free ebook, How To Resolve Conflicts In Your Marriage: A Mediator Gives You 5 Practical Steps, we give you helpful tools to resolve disagreements in a way that brings harmony.


About the Author

Bob Andersen practiced law for 35 years, but he never wanted to see clients go to court and fight it out. His heart was in resolving disputes and watching opponents reconcile. In 2013, he opened a private mediation practice, Andersen Mediations, and has enjoyed helping opposing parties find solutions they both can live with.

Bob and his wife Roxann wrote the book The Marriage Dance (pictured left) and have a marriage ministry by the same name. Bob realized the tools he used in mediation could also help couples solve their disagreements by finding a mutually agreed upon solution.

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